About Us

CETS Ltd director Christo Brits knew he wanted to build things since he told his parents at 6-7 years old that he wanted to build bridges when he grew up. After high school, he studied Civil Engineering.

Christo thought he had realized that dream after high school, working for a construction firm specializing in bridge construction. After 15 years, he still had not built a single bridge… but he did do projects on mines, factories/ big industrial projects and in remote locations. Far bigger and more complex structures than bridge construction, no bridges.

On arriving in New Zealand from South Africa, and after doing some projects on design and construction and safety improvement, Christo realized there are major problems in the civil construction industry common to both countries:

  • A gap between the expectations of design engineers for quick turn around and the capabilities construction contractors, given the lack of engaging contractors during early planning;
  • Difficulty finding skilled construction teams due to the growth of the industry who can finish jobs on time to a high standard of quality.

This results in time and budget blowouts during the construction phase. Upon this realization, CETS Ltd was born.

The mission of CETS is to become New Zealand’s Civil Engineering market-leader, by “bridging” this gap between engineers and contractors with teamwork from early in the design phase. This collaboration on design and construction; as well as education of staff and clients and innovation helps CETS Ltd get the job done right and on budget for clients.

CETS have the hands-on experience and knowledge to look at each project holistically, giving them the ability to find constructible solutions to complex problems. They empower staff by developing them to perform and deliver to the highest Safety and Quality standards.

CETS Ltd aims to set the industry benchmark on delivering what they promise and to never compromise on quality.



We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations on every project,
by delivering high quality work and developing value adding
and innovative solutions.

Our aim is to go above and beyond in everything we do
and to always make positive contributions
in delivering our projects.


Health & Safety

All Health and Safety requirements and procedures are strictly adhered to, to ensure the safety of our team and everyone around us, to ensure that we all go home safely every day.


All procedures are developed to avoid a negative impact on the environment during construction.


We aim to complete all works correct the first time, to an exceptionally high standard.

Services We Offer

Civil Construction



Earthworks and retaining structures

Utilities and drainage

Project Management

Construction supervision

Constructability reviews

Value Engineering

Quality Assurance